SG Janata Seva Kendra with Mathua community push for permanent citizenship

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New Delhi

Non-governmental organisation SG Janata Seva Kendra under the stewardship of Ms Gauri Bhattacharya held a press conference at the Press Club of India in New Delhi on Saturday.

The conference was held to push for the demand for the permanent citizenship of the Matua community, which has settled in India and hail from Bangladesh, in particular. The event was also held to show support for all the other communities that have not received permanent citizenship yet.

The NGO was approached by the Matua community which had written letters to them for their unconditional support. The objective of the NGO is to voice their demand to such an extent so that the sensitive issue reaches the PMO and results in the passing of the Citizenship Bill in the winter session of the parliament.

SG Janata Seva Kendra

SG Janata Seva Kendra

The Press Club of India on Saturday was jam pact with members of the Matua community, representatives of other deprived communities and press persons.

Director of SG Janata Seva Kendra, Gauri Bhattacharya, said,” I head this NGO. The Matua community came to me for help and I found their concern quite important. My objective is to push for their permanent citizenship along with them and see a smile on their face soon. For this I will do whatever it takes.”

Meanwhile, Krishna Haldar, who was the co-ordinator of the press club event looked elated.

When asked what their further plans were and if their struggle for permanent citizenship would be successful or not, he said, ” I am very thankful to Gauri madam for her support. We are very sure of success. If the citizenship does not get passed in the upcoming parliament session we will take our struggle to the roads of Delhi.”

The community with the help of the NGO plans to protest on the streets of Delhi soon, if their demands are not fulfilled.
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